Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Toughest Thing Sometimes (draft)

The toughest thing, sometimes – is not to fight, but to just let go...
...of the first narrative that has no resolve,
that can't be fixed,
no matter how hard you try,
no matter how desperately hoped.

You have to let it die...
...then, perhaps, mourn it's passing,
else risk it becomes the fatal pattern,
which will poison all narratives,
that follow.

And the only consolation?

You were Born into this,
and it was not by choice.

So it was never your obligation
to “Fix”.

So unburden Yourself
from this yoke
of imposed obligations :)

This circumstance
which always
made you feel
foreign –
in the presence
of others,
and created an
opaque in it's

And the tragedy
of distance,

It is now time
to free yourself,
from the errors
of circumstance...

...and to see yourself
clearly, and for once
be judged
on your own accord...
by the opaque

You arrived
through an
mystery that
the confusion,
and the pain
was never
your doing...

...for it was never
your fault
to be Born :)

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