Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Broken-Poems: The Wisdom of Anxiety in the "Modern World"

The Mind was Built a Million Years ago,
well before the Invention of Science,
Much Less the Discovery of Progress.

Science is the Codification of Material
Optimization. A Process of Selection,
Based on Physical Law.

Yes, a Natural Selection,
Yet a Given Implied,
Often Forgotten:

Science is a useful Black-Box.
Science is the car jack in your Trunk.
Science is a set of Pliers.
Science is something that inputs time,
and outputs the illusion of power.

Science is the 'Worker-Ant'.

The Worker-Ant Is Distinguished(from the Artist:)
By Two Characteristics:

1) His Cuckold, Self-Sacrifice...
2) His Flaccid 'Understanding' (i.e. Sterility)...

No wonder why woman holds him in contempt -- despite,
no because, of his listless 'Accommodation' ...


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